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Dahlia\'s Lung x-ray
Dahlia's Lung x-ray  
Hi Dana,

I can't seem to find any information on asthma in rabbits.  Is this something you have had any experience with?  I have a group of rescue rabbits that have all at one time or another suffered from an URI, so at any given time, it seems that one bun is showing symptoms and the others are asymptomatic.  This particular bun in question has not shown outward signs of URI other than the occasional sneeze, although her pen-mates have had the sniffles.  Her upper air way/nostrils/eyes are clear.  Lately I have noticed her breathing being quite rapid and yesterday her nostrils were flaring with each breath.  I took her to the emergency clinic here and her lungs sounded okay, her heart fine and she didn't have a temperature.  X-rays (attached) show a lot of speckling in her lungs.  The Dr was unable to come up with a concrete diagnosis, but we decided to try antibiotics in case it is pasteurella infection in her lungs.  Her x-ray looks strikingly similar to one of a cat with asthma and I am wondering if this could be her issue?  She used to cough a lot when she was younger, but not lately.  She is otherwise very perky and her appetite is great.  Thoughts?  Thank you for what you do!  :)

Dear C,

This looks like pneumonia to me.  I am glad she's on antibiotics.  What type?  Fluoroquinolones generally work well if it's Pasteurella, and dual-acting Pen-G Procaine/Benzathine is another good choice for Pasteurella.  Problem is, you can't culture. So it's sort of a guess.

Nebulizing with a cocktail of sterile saline, aminophylline, acetylcysteine and amikacin can help immensely, but you'll need to get a nebulizer.  This might require a prescription.  I hope your vet will be able to help you with this.

I hope she is improving with the antibiotics.

Sending healing thoughts...



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