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I just have some questions about rabbits and I am hoping you are able to answer them all. I have three rabbits – two Netherland Dwarfs (Snowflake and Lucy) and one Holland Lop (Charlie). I have the two Dwarfs in one cage and the Holland Lop by himself in another cage.

1.      What size cage would you recommend for the two Dwarfs to live in? Dimensions, measurements, etc. (they are best friends so I cannot separate them)

2.      What kind of food would you recommend I feed them? They are currently on ‘Martin Little Friends- Adult Rabbit Food’. I was told this is a very healthy food, but is there healthier?

3.      Should I have bedding inside of the cages? If so, should I put a towel, a blanket or actual bedding (e.g. CareFresh) If you suggest a towel or blanket, what material?

4.      Do they need to go to the vet for any check-ups?

When recommending products; please do not worry about the costs as I will pay anything to keep my rabbits healthy and happy.
Thank you so much for all of your help and advice!

hi Julia the cage needs to be as big as possible something like 3-4 feet long
and about 2 feet wide with a wooden bottom this means they can move about just as they want to and preferably one with a sleeping quarters.
as long as they are eating ok do not change the food as a new one may cause the runs.
put plenty of hay inside the sleeping compartment and i buy blocks of sawdust to lay on the run, this stops the feet from getting sore.
as long as they are eating and drinking ok you do not need a vet .


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