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Hi there,
I have a pair of rabbits, both neutered and appear happy. I noticed a line in the female's hair and when i lifted it there is a red mark across her back. It is not an open would and looks like someone has drawn a straight line all the way over her back with a red felt tip pen. She is eating and drinking, running around her garden and playing with toys. They seem to get marks on them on and off and have been to the vet before only to be told it's fine or whatever it is is healing on it's own. I can't afford to go at the moment so was hoping you can help. He also has a small patch of raised hair by his back leg and i am beginning to wonder if they are doing it to each other as no other animal can get to them and they are locked away at night. The red line is a mystery though. Please help.  Thanks

hi Debra this one has me stumped because i have never heard of this happening before.
they are probably cleaning each other but the straight red line baffles me.
as long as they are eating and drinking OK i would not be to worried but it would be nice to see how it was happening.
can you split them up for a night and see what happens


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