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Rabbits/Rabbit having what appears to be a choking fit.


We rehomed a 2year old dwarf lop in January and she lives with our male rabbit. However, we noticed that occassionly she would cough. Over the past few weeks she has started having what appear to be some sort of choking fits. The vet has examined her and can find nothing and has also shown the video I took of her having one of these 'episodes to other vets. All they can advise is that they feel something may be stuck in her nasal passages. They advise that apart from anesthetizing her and flushing her nasal passages there is nothing that can be done and that they have only ever seen this in cats. They feel the risks involved with this procedure would be high. Can anyone offer any advice please? I have contacted her previous owner but he said he was not aware of her ever doing this before although she was kept in a shed so they may not have witnessed it. She is having these attacks at least twice a day. The video can be viewed at:

hi sally never seen this before but it looks like something is stuck in the nasal passages.
i don't know why the vet never took an x ray but if it was mine i would have them flush the nasal passages out as it looks mighty uncomfortable to the rabbit.


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