I need help with my rabbit, he suddenly only attacks my 7- year old brother. My rabbit never attacked him or did nothing to him, now all of a sudden he tries to attack him all the time. What should I do?

Just like people,rabbits forget stuff.slowly bond them again following these steps:
1always keep it cold or cooler when a visitor comes to make the bunny(especially bucks)calm.
2lavender is soothing light lavender oil when he's around your brother..
3get your bunny use to his voice.have your brother talk to him for three days without any interaction just talking.
4bunnies experience puberty and hormones rage consider,getting him spayed or neutered.
5after the third day of your bunny talking to him get some bunny treats your rabbit really likes.hold your bunny firm but gentle so he feels safe and let your brother feed him the treat while talking to him.
6keep making your brother feed him treats.four treats ONLY.
7now take your bunnys favorite toy or make one with a water bottle cap.have your brother hold it out while gently coaxing him.
8now rub some white vinegar where your bunny usually attacks him and have your brother pet him while you hold the bunny.
9if the bunny attacks quickly grab him and have your brother place his hand on the bunnys ears and have him press his ears on his neck while saying"I'm the dominate one"(don't have your brother yell it!)
10Try letting your brother hold him if the bunny grunts at him clap your hand once and have your brother grunt back.then pet him and coax him to be a good bunny.have your brother pet him and eventually hold him.

Best bunny wishes!:)


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