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QUESTION: My rabbit is always digging out her food bowl and is very picky. She loves all vegetables and fruit but doesn't eat that much hay. She used to eat more hay but recently i haven't seen her eat any hay.she doesn't eat the grains or the dry grass in the food mix, she only eats pellets, sunflower seeds and cereal puffs. She always seems super hungry, as if shes been starving when we come and give her food but she won't eat anything unless its the pellets, sunflowers seeds and cereal. She also has had a watery eye for some time, does this have anything to do with her food habits? What can i do to make her eat more hay and eat her food?

ANSWER: Since I'm also a bunny chef and make my own nutritional bunny food make this shake once a week:any veggies she likes.raisins.banana.1-2generous amounts of hay.and any dry food she doesn't blend it and put it in her water bottle once a week.

or mix in something sweet such as banana chips or raisins or a favorite treat into her hay and dry food.all my rabbits LOVED wild harvest adult rabbit has so many yummy dried fruits and veggies and hay mixed in the pellets to hide it and you can get it with berries or mangos in the mix.

you can order it online at

the leaky eye just use baytrill to help that.
it could be because of a nutritional inbalance.

i recommend wild harvest adult rabbit food shell love that all my patients and my own bunnies love it eating every bit and it keeps them full till evening then give them fruits and veggies:)

Best bunny wishes!:)

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QUESTION: Thanks for the advice!

how do i mix the hay in as i don't have a blender?
do i put the shake instead of water? do i put water withit to make it like a paste?
what is 1-2 generous amounts of hay?
about the leaky eye, it sometimes has a white mucus in one eye, what does this mean? I've used an eye ointment but it doesn't make that much difference. do i get baytrill from my vet?
She also only eats brand knew food like if the food has been in her hutch for a couple of hours even if its dry and clean she wont eat it.


1-2 Generous amounts of hay is like 1-2 big handfuls and baytrill you can get from your vet or online.the mucus means its a minor bacteria infection in one can mash the shake or buy a cheap blender for $20 at feed her the shakejust as a shake not a paste.if you choose to make bunny cookies because i know you don't have a blender make them like this:Add the veggie fruit smash to a half a cup off water.make sure you chop the hay into itty bitty bits and then add it to the paste.make sure the oven is pre heated at 350°degrees and make small round dots and place them on wax paper.put them in the oven for 5 minutes only to prevent love them they're sweet but nutritional!:)


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