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My rabbit experienced a loss of litter tray habits at the end of last year. He would urinated on different spots on the floor but it wasn't all over the house, but close to or not far from the litter tray. At first I thought it was territorial problem as he is not desex. The vet thought it was something else as my rabbit was already 3 years old as he would've been mature a lot sooner. We did urine tests and results show bacteria infections so he was on antibiotics  enrotril for a few weeks and while he seem to be responding to antibiotics (started using litter tray again) it didn't completely cured him because he's still urinating outside the tray (as well as inside). So a different vet took over his case and she thinks the infection was very minor and may be not the main cause of problem. She thinks he may have caught some parasites and prescribed him panacur 25 to be given 1.95ml daily for 28 days. I feel the dosage is rather high as my rabbit weighs about 2.4kg and I've read that other people have been given their rabbit a much lower dosage. Is this something I need to recheck with the vet or does it seem right to you?
As for his current litter habits, he is using the litter tray but is also still urinating at one other spot as well.

Your opinions would be appreciated.


If the infection is should be a lower dosage.only bunnies at that weight with a infection that is bad very bad,need that much medicineBUT don't ever underestimate a vet.if she wants that dosage try it for a day or two if he's drained,pale,and weak then you'll know its to much and alert your vet.medicine dosage should not be taken lightly so to be on the safe side use 5mls less to give him a start if its not working increase and if its over working decrease.Rabbits don't like white vinegar and won't pee or poo in the spot if you put vinegar white vinegar in the spot he would rather go in the litter box instead of being around white vinegar.if he has a cage(which i recommend)put the box in the corner where he usually goes and he will figure it out in about a week.put his own droppings in the box so he knows.each time he uses it act as if it were the best thing in the world and praise him.

best bunny wishes!:)P.S.(if he's biting his gential area or scooting his bottom on the ground that could be a sighn its just a small infection and you won't need that big of a dosage!).


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