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Hello my daughter rescued a rabbit that she was told was a female the lady was going to release it into town so we took it . We got a dwarf lop bunny for my other daughter.. we soon found out our rescue bunny is infact a boy !! We had a litter of kits in january we started with 10 ended up with 2 . My question is how many nipples does a dwarf rabbit have and why does she have so many kits .. in my research over last few months shows her beed having 4ish .? We had a break out last month and have had 8 more babies.. whats the chances of her being able to feed all babys.. I thought I was only able to find 2 nipples is that possible that sshe is having more than she can feed.? Some people have said she wont have more babys than nipples... thamks for your time I hope u can help me or if you have anyone you know who would be more educated on the breed could I get a  website or link please


if the bunny has mated twice or more it will have more babies then she can handle.bunnies have two egg chambers and if mated a second time the sperm will go to the second chamber rather then the one that's been fertilized.drawfs usually have five babies and if mated a second time they'll have about 10 babies.mate her once every month to ensure she gets a break and that she stays healthy.boy bunnies DONT have teats only females have them.

sasha is currently pregnant with around 11 BABIES!she's s big as a Bb ball.


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