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Rabbits/Dwarf rabbit with ear infection and tilt/ flipping


I have seen a vet 3 times in 5 weeks with my rabbit who started holding his head sideways and then unthought he was having seizures but when u looked things up I seem that it was probably an inner ear infection . I have now spent over 300.00 on this rabbit and he is no better it's stressing me and him out! First he was in pill form of baytril and the got better but only for about 4 days! He was still in the pill and took him back they gave me liquid if the same I have it to him for 5 days and he got worse and worse ! Now he can even stand up at all and his head is twisted  almost sideways . I took him to a different vet that sees exotic animals on tue if this week she was able to get a culture from the ear and it was def inner ear infection she gave him pain meds, a new higher dose of antibiotic this time it is orbax and then tresaderm drops once a day today is Friday that is three full doses of each and no improvement? When should I see improvement?


you may not see immediate improvement because there may be some damage in his inner ear that will need some time to repair.  Do not stop giving him the medications.  Follow up with the vet that gave you the topical (ear) drops and discuss your concerns with him/her as to what you're seeing and what you're not seeing (ie improvement).  But also ask for panacur (if he's not on that yet) because e cuniculi needs panacur to treat, and it sounds like he probably has this if antibiotics are not improving his condition.


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