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QUESTION: hi is me again
i think my rabbit stability getting worse, now he have to lean on something his eye got nyastymus
it is inner ears infection im sure
and before i ask you i already apply polymyxin b and oxytetracycline eye ointment for my rabbit ears
and i forget to mention his ears was droping down since long time ago

the question is
what should i do for inner ears infection rabbit
i need list of drug, dose and how to apply it

please help my child

ANSWER: Oh goodnes!I've found treatment!

Panacur is a very successful med in ear infections.
baytrill is 100/ clear up stuff
antibiotics will take away bad bacteria
pain meds will take the ear pain away.
baytrill and antibiotics plus pain meds will clear it up in 6 weeks! you MUST get those meds and your vet will tell you how to use them.the head tilt is fine its because of the ear infection he's off balance .isn't that great?!he will be better in six weeks if you follow those meds!!

  YAY I'm so glad your bunny will be well your baby will be fine!:)<3.

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QUESTION: izzit ok if my rabbit dont drink but the celery suppose got a lot of juice right

my rabbit stop drinking after i started feeding him, and only thing he drink is his own urine

vet in my country only for dog and a lot of medicine i cant find it here so according to them i should give it tetracyclin and surolan ears drop, so izzit safe to use these medicine they prescribe

ANSWER: Yes veggies have water that can suit his needs for now.stop him from drinking urine it may put bad bacteria back in his body and make him sicker.those meds will do him lots of good and I've seen cure in as little as. Two weeks with those meds.they contain powerful bacteria eaters that will eat away at all the bad bacteria and increase the amount of good bacteria.he will feel some weird feelings in his ear so light some lavender to soothe him and comfort him.give him a stuffed animal and a blanket if possible it'll comfort him and he will feel is the cure!and the meds are safe in small quantities once a day or twice IF needed or you see he's messing around with his ears.a small small amount because they are very powerful so just a bit of it.he will get better in no time!

*~best bunny wishes!~*

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QUESTION: hi my rabbit is as usual but recently he keep on falling  on his side and unable to get up and he keep on kicking and struggling why is like this what medication i should pescribe. ( please give me medication close to human medication because it really difficult to get vet medication here)
and i also need some medication for pain

thank again
u help a lot really greatful

Feed him as much as you can and give him imune system boosters.stuff him to the sounds like he could have had a slight stroke....take him to the vet so they can do some work on him.sometimes its just a neurological thing and his brain is sending the wrong stuff.give him minor pain meds and crush it and put a pinch in some chamomile tea and make him drink it.that's great he's acting normal!only a few more things to go and he will be fine!:)


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