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QUESTION: i have a hotot rabbit which is 8 years old and today his activity decrease and he look pale. he only drink but not eating, he seem weak because when he try to scratch or clean himself he tend to fall down. his temperature decrease. please help me and tell me what to do except asking me to bring it to vets.


ANSWER: It could be stasis which is when the rabbit is stressed and his stomach stops working or it could be he has overgrown back teeth.overgrown teeth makes it painful for your bunnies to eat and without getting any nutrient.foods she will become sick and weak.file her teeth down immediately and if you can't do that for now keep her warm pet her love her and hand feed her something easy to eat such as baby being a vet i would tell you to CONSIDER to take her to the vet so your vet can file the teeth and make sure she's doing ok on the inside.make sure she gets plenty of water in this type of condition and have her with you all the can make her chew on a pinecone or something from the pet store to make her start getting her teeth down.i do recommend you take her to the vet in the morning unless you want a dead bunny.but until then try to make her file her teeth,on something.your vet(if you don't know how)can file them for you and see the problem with more of a chance then you can.but as i know you said you don't want to take her to the vet just try to keep her teeth filed until could be a parisite which is why I'm telling you to go to the vet.also if you can just hand feed her something like baby food and keep her warm and give her stuff safe to chew on like cardboard and those sticks they give. At the petstore i think you'll be ok till the morning then you'll need to get her to the vet.she proably needs an IV

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QUESTION: hi yesterday night i seen a slightly head tilt and he was spinning. he still drink so i make him carrot juice. actually long before this, i also notice one of his ears drop. i do called a vet and he asking me to give it terramycin and multivitamin cough syrup. i hope from you i can comfirm weather these medication is safe for my baby or not, and can you also tell me the dose and how to use it

i also need to know how to use fenbendazole and ivermectin

thank a lot

ANSWER: Terramycin is safe just pull the bunnys Lower eyelid down a bit and apply the terramycin.mult vitam cough syrup I've never herd of for bunnies i would avoid that,i know if bunnies have to many vitamins it could give them the runs and cough syrup is very toxic and is only ment for stronger bunnies in a more recovery state if id say fenbendazol is very good and can help clear up that bacteria!but use it sparingly and make sure its not overdone or it could cause serious damage also you may apply terramycin 1-2 times a day.ivermectin is safe and can be given by a shot or in paste which in this time i recommend the liquid because your bunny is proably not in the mood to eat.but if you think paste is less painful which it is use the paste and mix it in his carrot juice and repeat each way of user in either syringe or paste every 10-14 days. and i hope that helps rate me if you like or ask me another question!
Fenbendazole i really don't know how to use I've only heard of vets using it you can look that up on the internet....sorry!

    hope your bun gets well my bun princess died from multi vitam cough syrup so i recommend not using it!best wishes!:)

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QUESTION: hi sorry to disturb you again i still got a few question

1. can i use polymyxin b and oxytetracycline eye ointment for my rabbit ears
2. my baby is currently eating celery smash which i made but not solid food, is that ok, is he getting better
ps his head still tilt, he only sleep in conor but do go out to the garden to pea
3. my email is  perhaps you can send me ur skype or phone so that i contact you because im worry sick and the drug i was asking you are not there in my country

Yay!your bunny is recovering if he's coming out and eating his food and going in the garden!that's great very good make sure he eats plenty of veggie mash heres my recipe i use for bunnies:one and celery and blend it till its smashed!it gives your bunny plenty of nutrients for him to get even better.eye ointment is specifically made for eyes i don't recommend using for his ears.the head tilt means the parisite could be dieing that's good or it means the parisite is moving but no worries those thingss will clear up!also to make sure he gets his food blend it with my recipe blend some hay and pellets into the veggie fruit smash.i wouldn't worry if i were you he seems like he's recovering just keep him warm pet him and love him it makes things go much easier for long as the eye ointment is lubricant it should be OK to put in the bunnies ears just only a bit though.i would rub it in his ears to make sure it gets in there also. i have a question for you:is baytrill not available in your state i can give you a place YOU can order it yourself.i have no skype and I'm very busy to use my phone....but you may email me at email me with your email so i can put it in my contacts.your bunny is doing great!I've never seen a bunny start to recover so fast!:)


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