QUESTION: My 9 year old mini lop has had a 'leaky' eye for over a year....I am looking for anything I might have missed....His teeth have been checked. There were 2 broken back teeth which were removed, but eye still did not clear up- so he went under again to get his teeth checked, no issues.   I have tried tobramycin, neomycin, Similasan #irritated eye and allergy#.  I've tried children's allergy medicine. His tear ducts have been flushed several time #both naturally and with a syringe#.  I've tried eyebright #capasule#.  He has had blood work every 6 months- nothing shows as abnormal or high. Currently, I am wiping it 3 times a day with Calendula mixture.  I have tried putting the mixture directly in the eye. The wiping makes it nice and soft #normal# then within a few hours leaking again.  It's a clear fluid, no pus.  His eye is clear, no redness #checked by me and vet#.    I am currently in the process of switching to another bale of hay #different cut#.   It's only one eye, other eye is completely normal.   Any other ideas of what might resolve?


  I'm not trying to scare you but that can be very dangerous.its a bacteria infection in his eye.Your bunny may look fine and have a clean bill of health but i would act immediately.its like eye discharge you may notice mucus like white strings in the eye.My own bunny had that.Me being a vet go to your vet soon to prevent it from him having discomfort.make sure the vet pulls his eyelid back a little.you can do that yourself as well but quickly go to the vet!

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QUESTION: What is the treatment for bacteria infections?   My vet is a decent bunny vet, but that is not his special interest and may need assistance.  

Thanks for your answer.

Baytrill is what i recommend and is proably what your vet will use.It is an antibiotic and will take about 10 days of using to hopefully clear it up.It will come in the form of eye drops.Ask your vet about it.If she doesn't have it then she can order it for you.its normally caused by a plugged duct located in your bunnies eye.if its not treated soon it can spread into the mouth and jaw and cause major discomfort so treat it soon!

  Best wishes!(remember baytrill)


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