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QUESTION: hi it me again

my rabbit have been getting well thank to you :)

i have been realize when i stop antibiotic my rabbit stop rolling but still stay in same place. when should i stop the antibiotic(tetracyclin)

another rabbit of mine make consistence loud breathing sound especially resting, it seem like deep sucking breathing.i did not see any nasal or eye discharge. the sound stop when i touch him. he also have tear drop shape poop, slightly dissented abdomen(or he is fat).he seem healthy still eating a lot a lot of vege. he keep on climbing on me too and investigating surrounding.

so should i be worried bout his sound

ANSWER: If he's fat exercise him everyday and feed the sick bunny more and the fat one less.fat bunnies get lung and nose problems and in the morning take him to the vet.he's not In a deathly condition or anything but the vet will check and proably will put him Ion a diet.

i can make you a meal plan for him if you like:)

And the antibiotics should be stopped when YOU think he don't need them anymore.he should be kept on it for another week or so to ensure he's got it in his system.

Tear drop droppings is normal all bunnies are different but your vet will check.

the sick bunny will be better without a doubt and regular love to both bunnies will definitely make everyone better:)

Other than that the bunnies are doing great!:)

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QUESTION: hello another thing is Chrysanthemum and Camomile the same

i feed my bun bun Chrysanthemum tea is it bad, i just realise it not camomile

and how to exercise my fat bun

actually my fat bun eat a lot of fresh veggie, he keep begging, and he is lonely so normally i give him what i want.

and please make a meal plan for me

thank thank thank:)

ANSWER: Chrysanthemum tea isn't bad and a little accident is ok just make sure you get some chamomile tea for him.
To exercise your fat bunny make a paper tunnel and tape it together.(use bright colors for the tunnel)now take your fat bun out and put him in the tunnel he will get the idea.or let him run around on the couch so he can jump and can build a cave with a blanket and some blocks by stacking the blocks and putting the blanket on top.chamomile tea has a special healing power to it and no other tea is the same.

having your fat bun play with water bottle caps or toilet paper rolls or a old towel can help exercise him.

here's a meal plan for him:in the morning feed him a little less dry food and lots of snack time(around 11:00 am)feed him 4 lunch time feed him 3 dinner give him some shredded carrots only a fist full.for dessert give him one strawberry.

Now for the next day:feed him less dry food and lots of hay.for snack time a few pieces of parsely.for lunch two apple slices.for dinner a small amount of cilantro.and for dessert a couple craisins.

on the third day feed him this:less dry food and lots of hay.for snack time a chunk of water melon or honey dew with the peel.for lunch a half of orange.for dinner 4 pieces of raw broccoli.and dessert,a half of a half of banana.

on the fourth day:feed him less dry food and lots of hay.for snack time two one organic carrot.for lunch one slice of grape fruit.for dinner raw spinach.for dessert. Five pumpkin seeds.

on the fith day whatever you want him to eat.

best bunny wishes!:)

to keep him from getting lonely get a life like stuffed bunny for both of them:)

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thank for the meal plan

yesterday i realize my sick bunbun not pooping, but day b4 yesterday i saw his poop with white string. he actually getting better now because he eating some expansive pellets and taking veggie by himself. he also try to walk around but sometime trip and roll

so should i be worry, is he constipated, any home remedy

im sorry because im such a problematic person


Your no problem i enjoy helping you!:)

Now constipation hmmm well,take him to the vet to make sure his tummy is ok and feed him lots more fiber rich foods.the white string could just be what he know what's in comes out!

If he's walking,eating by himself and walking a little that's great!
He's still healing so the drop and roll thing is just because of the inner ear infection
,rabbits balance by there ears and a infected ear can put them off balance...

I'm so glad he's healing!

The fat bun will thin out and muscle up!
Just make sure he exercises 3-7 times a day one hour each time.

i know it sounds like a lot of exercise but bunnies need that infact both of them should!it'll help him gain a little more balance!

Best bunny wishes!:)


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