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Hello, I wonder if you can help me. I'm in the UK but was given the details of this site by another person who looks after disabled rabbits. My 6 month old male had an accident 2 weeks ago that has left his back end paralysed and he is incontinent - he has trouble urinating without help but sometimes 'leaks'. He is getting on well and pulling himself around using his front legs and is himself in every other way. We changed his hutch to a converted rabbit run with a lino floor that can easily be wiped up with a memory foam, faux fleece waterproof bed. His skin started getting a little irritated as he pulls himself around on the carpet in our house, despite us putting faux fleece rugs down for him, he would wander off them or dig them up so we put a pair of baby trousers on to protect his legs. We have had his fur clipped to make it easier to keep him clean. We are cleaning him with wet cotton pads or sensitive baby wipes at least twice a day and give him a bath every evening. We are using a vet prescribed cream on irritated skin in the morning and after his bath, and using a small animal cream for irritation and minor wounds based on Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender other times we clean him to calm the irritation and try to prevent urine burn. His brother is also helping to keep him clean and he is adapting well to his condition and learning to lean against things to clean his back end and lay down to clean his front (they are both neutered). My problem is 2 fold - firstly he likes to pull all his hay out of his hay bale and lay in it, he's done this since we got him, and it's getting stuck to his fur and skin and causing irritation can you give any advice how I could prevent or improve this? The other problem is that today I've noticed he has 2 small yellowish patches that look a bit like blisters. I will be calling my vet first thing tomorrow, but do you know what this could be? Is it skin infection? Should I take him to the out of hours vet for immediate treatment? Or is it just his skin being irritated and now starting to heal? Can you give any suggestions how I could prevent this in future? Many thanks.

Make sure he wears a soft diaper it can help the "leak" as well.
All bunnies build pretend nests its a hay rack to prevent it though.and to prevent skin problems a little baby oil on the area will help.after his bath rub baby oil or lotion on the area to prevent dryness and cracked skin .
He is not paralyzed there are ways to help make him walk again!:)
When he comes out to play get a big silk or silk feeling sheet and put it down like a rug.

Him being a bunny pulling hay out his delicate area can hurt!
So while he's in the bath pull them out ever so slowly.and the soap i recommend is V05 shampoo and conditioner its safe for very delicate skin and smells nice as well as cleansing and a moisturizer it also helps bring shine and body to your bunnys hair.

Since he's scooting a regular diaper change maybe silky diapers or soft ones to absorb and protect him.

immediate action does not need to be taken but In the morning its only fair to take him to the vet!:)

Best bunny wishes!:)
P.s.(its proably something minor such as a blister or boil)


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