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QUESTION: Pam, I had my Holland Lop male neutered March nth, I have introduced him to my Unsprayed female Holland, he mounts her but nothing happens.  He is in a cage, and I do let them out to kiss and say hello.  My vet said another month or so for him.  Is it ok to let them kiss and say hello, supervised of course by me, but not alone together. I do take him out of his cage for a couple hours to exercise. By the way, I'm not going to have spayed, to evasive!!!

ANSWER: If he was neutered on March 9th he does not have any of his reproductive hormones left.  The reason he mounts her is because he wants to be the boss.  The best thing to do is to get her spayed and then try to bond them.  Here are some tips on bonding.


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QUESTION: Pam, he was neutered on March 29th, I have already bonded them together, they lay beside each other and he kisses her face all the time.  I have him in a cage, and she is not, I would like to take him out permanently, I don't like him one!

If they are bonded you can take him out.  It has been over 20 days.  There may be a few hormones left but there is a very slim to none chance that he has any viable sperm left.  When they mount each other they are just trying to determine dominance.  If one does the mounting and the other just sits there that is usually a pretty good sign that they will get along just fine.

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