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My parents recently brought me home a baby (2 1/2 months) bunny and I couldn't be happier.  It's the first bunny I've ever had and I'm constantly searching to see what new info I can find on my little friend. What I really want to know is my rabbit's breed! I know I may never know for certain, but I would highly appreciate it if you could ballpark me an answer.  The pet store had a litter of bunny's donated to them, and my parent's said they were told he was an American something and that he would grow to be 14 pounds but I'm not sure how legit that information is.  His ears stand upright, he is a dark brown, light around the eyes, white underneath, and darker along the spine and the tips of his ears.  He isn't aggressive at all, loves to sniff people, and binky into the wall :) I love my little guy and want to know everything about him! Any ideas?

Your library will have TONS of books on rabbits!:)

And he looks like a indian satin (sat tin)rabbit to me
is his fur soft or bristley and his ears are long he's a Indian brown and a American giant(I'm sure that's what they THOUGHT it was)bunnies are well giant as in fat.he's definitely not that nor a dutch nor swiss fox and me owning 80 rabbit s he's a Indian satin look up satin rabbit or rabbit varieties for more info on him.he can't eat iceberg lettuce tomato leaves or stem and no apple SEEDS .he needs nail and hair trimming weekly brushing regular bathing and the occasional obedience training!:)

Rabbits are so sweet aren't they?:)


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