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QUESTION: Hi and thanks for taking time to help (:

My rabbit got hurt when jumping down from the sofa while playing a bit too wild (he likes to run around like crazy sometimes) and the vet thinks his two middle toes are broken (or maybe only sprained) on his one front paw. I was given Metacam for five days use (2.5 a day on the scale on the syringe to his 2.2 kg). He seems perfectly fine, runs around, is a bit naughty (he always is a bit when the weather changes, he is not neutered), is eating and drinking and even dig a little and so on. It does hurt though, as I can see he pulls his leg up when sitting still and the toes are still swollen.

No xrays were taken as he is a feisty little one and they would rather not have to sedate him to keep him still.

The vet who looked at him said that there's nothing that can be done with a broken toe, unless it is so bad that it had to be removed. Luckily the toes are sitting straight and look fine. So my question is, is the five days of Metacam enough if they are broken and not just sprained? And how long does it take to heal? And since he is looking good should I lower his Metacam dosage? So many questions I forgot to ask the vet..

He is a rescue rabbit, so I'm not sure how old he is, but since his nails where still baby sharp when I got him I guessed he wasn't that old. Would half a year sound about right for a rabbit who needs to have his nails done for the first time? I think he is around five years old now though. He doesn't have a cage so I'm using a small pet enclosure in my living room to keep him from running around too much.

ANSWER: Hello!your bunny sounds like mine sushi!here's your answers
1.)he's pulling his leg up because the presure when he stands hurts.that's a sighn his two toes are broken and not sprained
2.)the swollen toes is because if they are broken his circulation is cut of pushing his blood into the very tip of his toes
3.)there is something you can can wrap his paw in a cast by taking a wash rag and tie it not to tight but in a firm grip to straighten his toes OR you can buy a heating pad or fill a sock with rice in it and heat it.(let it cool a bit before putting on his toe)or you could freeze the rice sock and let it thaw a bit before putting on his paw.or ask your vet about numbing the pain with a shot.
4.)to keep him from running like crazy and to keep bacteria down turn the air conditiong on or turn a fan on.
5.)meta cam for about 5-7 days sounds right but if needed you can use it for 10+days.
6.)it will heel in about 2-5 weeks to a month or two at the most.
7.)don't lower the metacam dosage keep it at the same pace to ease his nerves in his toes.changing it can make the nerves bump about and cause discomfort.
8.)he sounds like he's about 6 and a half years maybe younger.bunnies can get sharp nails at any time and broken toes come at the age of 2-5 years so he's still pretty young.
9.)Get him a cage!:)cages prevent such injuries as these and if he comes out the cage everyday for a little while he will have just as much fun AND he will have his OWN little place to call home!bunnies are happier in cages I've done a study and 97 percent of bunnies like cages rather then free all the time.and there are cages with multiple leves so he can have the same type feeling of experience like jumping of the couch but in a safer environment.all that PLUS you can prevent future happenings such as broken toes or snagged hair and he can get a chew proof bar covers as well.i tell a my bunny parent patients get a cage if you don't have one already!
10.)here's a trick to soothing him....lavender!light some lavender candles and oil to make him sleepy or put some chamomile tea in his water bottle before you get xrays so he won't be as feisty.

hope he gets better and hope that helps!:)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your answers.

I can see it came out wrong about the cage. He doesn't have a cage like most rabbits but he does have his own home: A fenced off area made by eight 60*60 fence pieces that I close off when I'm not home, where he has a green carpet, a wooden house (with a small interior he can hide in and a roof he likes to sit on), some chew toys, hay, toilet and so on. He is only free roaming when I'm home (and of course the place is Bunny proof). What I meant was that I have made his home a bit smaller for now so he can heal and I don't let him out as much  (:

Lavender candles and oil, check.

Do you think he needs xrays? It's very expensive, at least where I live (converted to US dollars it is around $300) and the vet didn't seem to think so when he was doing so well.

Also, should I take him to the vet for a shot of pain medication too? Is the Metacam not enough? I don't want him to be in pain!

I'll try the hot / cold on his paw. Why didn't I think of that (:

Thank you!

Well xrays aren't needed but if you see his paw not healing or getting worse after 3months its only fair to get xrays.a pain shot COULD swell his nerves and make it worse metacam for him is just right unless he's grinding his teeth then you should consider a pain shot but i. here's another little trick!rub some teething gel(for babys)mixed with baby oil on his toes to numb and moisturi his paw and its safe if he licks his paw baby stuff is made to be occasionally swalloed.raisins and banana chips can take his mind off his paw and they're healthy (and sweet!).he's proably going to need some tea to sooth his mind as well so a bit of chamomile tea mixed with water OR carrot juice mixed with water will help him get a bunny smile on his face!if you have a radio play some jazz or country its a good tune to keep them. happy about 70 percent of buns while in pain or in a surgery while still awake like some music to keep there mind on something else then the pain or shock.bunnies like nature movies such as national geographic it can make them work up the courage to not be so fiery once they see other animals(bunnies learn from seeing hearing smelling and touching)if he's grinding his teeth while your touching his paw immediately get some stuff he can chew on to fight the short rush of pain.this may sound weird but bunnies like stuffed bunnies and barbies to keep them company during the time your gone and at bedtime and eat time and every thing else!bunnies like parrot toys such as something he can grab or push so he can exercise his paw and increase blood circulation.give him a blanket I'n his cage so he may comfort his paw and ease his activity at night.stop him from digging if he's trying to that will only bend his already bloodless vein and hurt him even more then he needs to be.may i see a picture of the paw?

 Best bunny wishes!:)


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