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QUESTION: I have a couple of bunnies that are totally unrelated but in cages next to each other.  In the last week each have had a small bump swell up on the lip area right next to their nose.  One is on a mini female hybrid (parents were a mini and a wild buck).  She has been an excellent mother and none of her babies have this sore.  Hers is the smaller, light pink sore about the diameter and thickness of a pencil erasure.  The other rabbit is a five week old giant and his sore is getting larger than the other and it is getting very red looking.  It is so large I am concerned it will begin to make it hard or impossible to eat.  There are no other symptoms. Both rabbits are in cages with their babies/mom and siblings.  What is this bump and how can I get rid of it?  It doesn't seem to cause them any discomfort and they don't mess with it at all.

ANSWER: Hello,

wash the areas with mild soap and warm water.apply some triple antibiotic ointment to clear it up in a week or so.make sure you do this daily and in no time it will won't cause the rabbit pain the bump is just from normal bad bacteria ,as you know bacteria is always there but if you practice good sanitation it should clear up.keeping the bunnies food bowl and face clean can help.clean the bowl daily with hot water and mild soap.and a wet baby wipe to clean the face then brush the face fur.make sure his water bottle is changed daily drip feeder or not bunnies need fresh water to prevent bad bacteria from growing in the bottle even if its a drip feeder.don't mess with the sore and triple antibiotic ointment can be found near the bandages and such.the bunnys sore will clear up pretty soon and its nothing to worry about until it gets to where it looks as if it'll pop then take your bunny to the vet.

best bunny wishes!:)

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QUESTION: What will the vet do?

Well the vet will make sure there is no really bad bacteria infection and if its a skin.issue a vet isn't needed until like you said it becomes inpossible to eat or clean themselves...they'll be fine if no improvement in a week consider a vet at least.

its only fair to get a vet if its causing the rabbit pain.
If your rabbits are grinding there teeth VERY loudly they are in some type of pain.then you'd crush a baby asprin in fave and crush it in to a powder then sprinkle into warm chamomile tea and put it in the rabbits water bottle and take the vet in the morning.

because skin damages can cause nerves in the skin to be damaged as well its best to treat these types of cases soon.I'm glad you asked me!:)

Anyone with a rabbit id be grateful if you recommend me i love answering questions!:)

Best bunny wishes!:)


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