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Rabbits/severe bunny constipation


Hi Anastasia.  I am a volunteer with the HRS.  I have taken in a rabbit from a local sanctuary who is SEVERELY constipated.  Initally I took her in because of her stomach being so distended.  It felt as though she swallowed a baseball it was solid.  We went to a local vet and xrays were taken.  I can forward those if you would like to see them.  There was a large clump of poop stuck to her bottom and I believe it was keeping additional poo from exiting.  Now that she has been cleaned up she is pooping on her own small poops but still pooping.  She was so severely backed up that the vet I saw wants her on a liquid diet only.  she has been getting critical care or angels mush every 3 hours (8 times daily) even during the night.  She is also getting a little bit of greens.  The vet wants no hay.  That leads to my question I would like a second opinion.  Wouldnt hay with all its fiber help?  He said she is so constipated that dry stuff such as hay would only add to the problem and back her up more and just pack more waste in.  He suspects it could take at least 2 months to clear her all out. In your professionl opinion should she be eating hay?  And if so how much?  As much as she likes? Thank you in advance for your time.

Oh my goodness!


its critical your bunny gets hay either the vet is lazy or he's crazy!evey person that made contact with a bunny KNOWS every bunny needs hay.and she should get veggie AND fruit!here's a recipe to clear out her system in a day to a week:one carrot,one banana.three strawberries,two cabbage leaves,black berries,a few raisins,and one genourous amount of hay.blend it and feed it to your bunny ASAP give her water mixed with homemade carrot juice and here's how to make it:three ORGANIC carrots and 4-6 cups of water and juice it in a juicer or blend.if she eats that and that drink(you can put it in her water bottle or get another drip feeder for her)that will clear up her system usually immediately.or in the following week.YOUR VET IS NUTS!i recommend getting a new vet or tell him this:you herd from a fellow vet that the vet needs some more bunny research!I'm a vet and I KNOW that NO HAY AT ALL IS VERY VERY VERY BAD IF SHE'S CONSTIPATED!do the recipes and it'll be like it was never there!

Also i DO want to see her xrays so i can see what's going on.those recipes are soooo yummy for them and will unplug her soon.i don't recommend any grazing or paper eating or just plain out chewing until she's unplugged.


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