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We have a Flemish Giant Rabbit and she has been chewing on one spot on her stomach. It looks very much like psoriasis. It is round in shape with a fur patch near the middle. She has scabs from where shes been biting at it. She has been tested for mange and doesn't have this. We have taken her to the vet and he says it is probably an allergy or a skin condition but he also said he rarely works with rabbits. We're confused as to what to do. It obviously bothers her.

Rub some baby oil on the area.it sounds like a wring worm.....just put iodine on it and ask your vet about bacteria med cream he should prescribed you with something for her but until then a little baby oil will help relieve some itch the scabs could use a little healing ointment that you use for cuts and scabs.wash it BEFORE you put the baby oil on.wash it with warm water and a little mild soap such as hand soap and rinse.then apply baby oil and some healing ointment for the scabs.your vet SHOULD KNOW OF SOME BACTERIA KILLING CREAM TO HELP CLEAR IT UP IN 2-6 WEEKS!:) remember though just the smallest smidge of iodine like a period dot.


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