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I have a dwarf mini-lop that was bitten by our cat under his chin and developed an abcess. This is under his eye down to under his entire chin. We took him to a vet as soon as we noticed it. It was lanced with not much coming out, given Baytril to be given 2x a day and an eye drop as he has puss there as well. We treated for a week and took him back for a re-check with it looking worse. She lanced again still not getting much out and told us to try milking it out for a couple of days then bring him back again. This "milking" of his chin did not work and while doing this pus came out of his eye we then decided to go to our regular vet in our town the next day. Our vet surgically removed the dead tissue and cleaned out the entire wound. She stated this is the worst abcess she had ever seen. This has all happened in 2 weeks, a quarter size abcess to a now open hole/tunnel running from under his eye to under his entire chin, a total wound of about 3 inches, an inch wide and a good 1/2 inch deep. For the past 2 days we have continued to give him his meds and flush the wound with saline. It now looks like the pasty infection is coming back in the chin area. Is there anything else we can do at home to prevent this? Such as a topical antibiotic cream/spray or an antibiotic cleaner to flush it, actually somehow cleaning it out - probably would need a sedation of some sort if possible? Any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated, we now have over $300 into this, no more to spend and don't want to lose him.  Please help!!

Triple antibiotic ointment can really help with the infection and clear it up in about a couple days at the most.Because its such a deep woundi suggest you get stitches.if its out of your budget for stitches,then consider buying a skin repair ointment which can mend is skin back together.he's proably in a lot of pain,and to soothe him light some lavender oil and have him drink chamomile tea.
the pus needs to be left alone so it can help with the bad bacteria,the "milking" process your vet said to do only made matters more painful for him by braking even more valuable skin tissues!

Because its going to burn very badly for the next day or so,make sure something soft is on his wound to help prevent discomfort.

best bunny wishes!


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