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QUESTION: Hello, Our doe is 4 yrs old and has had 3 litters so far. The first she had 8 but that is when we bought her bred already from breeder. We bred her the following summer to have 6 and then in the fall to have only 1. Now we bred her again for fair and she was going throught the stages getting her nest box ready and she was obviously pregnant. Now it is 4 days past the time of delivery and her nest box looks like a normal place for her to sleep, not one getting ready for babies. Could she hadf adsorbed them in internally?
I thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Yes she could. have.older rabbits have a harder time than the younger ones.
just breed her twice next time!

Best bunny wishes.
P.s. eating parsley can induce fertility in rabbits!

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QUESTION: Thank you for responding so quickly! Wanted to let you know that we actually had them breed 3 times and then removed doe from bucks pen, so don't know if that matters or not.

To help the sperm travel faster(this may sound gross)
Take a q tip and put it inside of her private area and then let the male sniff it.
it'll help sperm amount as well as the travel.
also after they mate hold her on her back for about 5-10 minutes.
this will ensure that the sperm went up.make sure she doesn't pee that'll make the sperm go right out!
Keep her relaxed and comfy to make sure the sperm can reach the eggs in peace that way the eggs will be softer and more babies will come!

Best bunny wishes!


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