We have mini lop ear female called LINA.  She is almost 9 years old now.  We have several problems with her and need your help.

She is losing weight, she weighted 2kg (70,55oz) for two years ago. Now she weighs only 1,2-1,3 kg(42,3oz). She has lost 300grams (10,5oz) since october.
She have had an ear infection for several years now but now she has an abcess size 1-2 cm under the both ears in jaw. from left ear its comigh thick puss (pasterella) every day a lot.
She has problems also with the back side of her body, she loses her balance and back of her body is like rollning over to the other side, that makes  that she has diffucultis to stand and walking. we guess that the middle ear infecktion or cuniculi is causing this.
We have treated her with AXILUR in 28 days before christmas and we had BAYTRIL 0,5cc x2/ day in 2months. But this balance thing came always back, its was "on" 2-3 days and then is was ok for week or several weeks.
Now she is on Duplocillin 150 000unit/ ml 0,35ml every other day sc. from 21.3.13 on this time walking has been ok.
How long time we can/should keep medicating her? what do you thinging about dose? is it too little?
Lina has have urin legace singe she started with this medication, have you heard about this kind of side effects? we havent operate the abcesses.

one big problem Lina has it is her stomach, she getts GI statis very often, we have treated this promlem with pineapple juice, plommon, Primperan, silimeticon, by feeding her with critical care and even with mikrolax i her anus. There was problems with her stomach even before the antibiotic treatment.
she has always timothy hay to eat and she even eats botanical and oat hay daily and alfafa hay sometimes. she eats very slowly and getts fast tired. Vet has check her teeths without narkos because we are too scared to do that. Teeth seemd to be ok at the time and there were no peaks that vet could see.
Her diet:
hay ( she eats as much as she wants (too little)
Parsley 2 times a day
dill sometimes
ruccola sometimes
Porrige (for babys without milk) with plommon to get her stomach goinging.
pellets 2 times x7 ( fiber 20% and fat3%)
We have tried to give her more pellets or geriatric pellets but this is causing stop in her stomach.
We now that porrige is not for food for rabbits but we think that this way we gett her stomach better.
how can we gett her stopp losing weight?

Lina has been very many times vetenary but here where we live is not any good vetenarians who can bunnies.
We have xtray her from top to toe and nothing was found.
Kindneys was ok in nowember.
she has no uterus.
We dont think she has cancer but something is wrong and we do realize that she is old but when she has no stomach promlebs she is active and always happy.

Dear Riina,

The GI stasis could be a result of the pain she is having from the chronic dental disease.  Has the pus been cultured?  Please see:




In a nine year old bunny, dental disease can be complex and involved.  Head radiographs might reveal whether she might be a candidate for having some of the problematic teeth removed, but you will need a very experienced vet for this.

For the GI stasis/ileus, please see:


Enema is particularly helpful, but must be administered with care so as to do no harm.  Please ask your vet for help, perhaps showing him/her the instructions in the article above.

Finally, pain management is crucial for bunny's quality of life, and to help prevent the chronic ileus.  Ask the vet about combining metacam and tramadol, which work very well together for dental pain.

A look deep in the mouth should reveal whether she has severely overgrown molars that need to be removed, or at least cut back to allow her to eat normally.  She might have molars that are growing into her mouth cavity, or even pinning her tongue, or poking painfully into her tongue or cheek.  As long as that is the case, she will not want to eat much, and will continue to lose weight.

You can feed her liquefied pellets for now, via syringe.  Instructions for making those are in the ileus article above.

I hope this helps.



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