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We had our Holland Lop Bunnies out in a quasi-fenced in area this morning, as a bit of a treat for them. We were doing our other chores, when we heard our dog barking furiously. When we went around the corner, one of our bunnies was outside the area, trembling and moving slowly towards the dog(that would have been really bad if she had gotten there). I ran over and picked her up, and discovered a bite mark on the back of her neck, where two teeth had penetrated the skin. We looked under the back porch, which is what she was near, and the feral minx that prowls this area was under there. We put some antibiotic ointment on the back of her neck, and got her back in the cage with her sister. Right now she's very still and still trembling from the experience. She hasn't eaten or drank anything since it happened. Is there anything else we can do?

Wash the wound.
and keep it covered to avoid infection.
hold her and talk softly to her and with one finger pet her head buns love that.
keep her in a nice quite,room with a blanket in her cage.
she needs water to replace any blood loss.
So,if you have to force her to drink it.
Open her mouth and drip some nice cold water in her mouth don't use water from the tap!

Triple antibiotic ointment is better than neo sporn or regular antibiotic ointment.If she's gritting her teeth she's in pain and if she's in pain,crush a half of baby asprin and mix the powder in her water than have her drink it.

these are some healing techniques that i use in my clinic.
to calm her light some lavender oil.

this is all you can do!
Best bunny wishes!


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