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My 12 year old rabbit 4lbs rabbit Bonnie has been fighting an upper respiratory tract infection and ear infection for months. She was very congested and we put her on twice daily 1ml baytril and 0.25ml bicillin every 48hours. The congestion appeared to clear up but at the end of the treatment she developed an abscess on her head. The ear infection continues. Note we have cultured three times and got three different results pasturellla, pseudomonas and the last time nothing (but she was on antibiotics at that point).

We had the abscess surgically removed last Monday and changed her oral meds to Zithromax and continued the bicillin to try and attack the ear infection . However On Wednesday she stopped eating so well and we stopped the Zithromax and her appetite returned!

All looked good but last night her congestion returned very badly and she is coughing and making wet congested noises. The vet said to continue the bicillin and added 1.6ml chloramphenicol twice a day but today she is worse again and I wonder if we should add baytril orally too? I read on medirabbit that combined antibiotic therapies can be useful. If so, what dose?

Thanks - I am worried and desperate. Today again the congestion is bothering her so much she isn't eating and I worry the bacteria (whatever it is) will overwhelm her...

Penicillin,Quaratrine,and a broad spectrum antibiotic will help.

to calm her,light some lavender oil.
she has snuffles,shell be fine keep her warm,dry and away from drafts,and if possible move her to your bedroom.If her eyes are infected too then flush them out with warm water.check for infected tissue,it looks white and fatty.

having a surgery to remove the infected tissue i highly recommend!

Best bunny wishes!


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