I have 3 Holland Lop rabbits that I show and I was wondering what the correct diet is to feed a rabbit to get it in good show condition. I currently feed them limited pellets supplemented with veggies and hay. I've talked to other people that show rabbits and they say that they don't feed veggies. If I don't feed them veggies, should I give them free choice pellets? Also, I've heard giving them rolled oats is a good supplement.

Any advice on what to feed a show rabbit would be great :)

Hello there.
Very good question.
I have been raising & showing rabbits for over 30 years, and have worked on many different diets for my rabbits.
I have found :
Rabbit pellets as a main diet about 85% comercial rabbit pellets, 10% rolled barley, and 3% dry timothy hay & 2% black sunflower seed.
The barley helps with firm flesh condition & the black sunflower aids in shinny coat.
The Dry hay helps keep them from getting the runs.
The pellets should be at 12-15% protein.
I suggest manapro or purina...walmart carries manapro.
Stay away from fresh greens of any type, except carrots, only as treats.
Good luck.


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