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I am often at the Vet as I need my bunny's teeth trimmed and since he is becoming older, his eyes started to get worse-this is due to his teeth digging in apparently. I recently had dental work done for Flopsy. Where do I get hold of this tool please apart from asking the Vet that I go to.
Thank you.
Nemia :)

Amazon carries keep his teeth trim you can have him chew on a pinecone and chew on cardboard as well.he's proably in great pain so buy some dr.schols baby teething will numb his pain and heal some of the damaged gums I'm suspecting.make sure that you light some lavender oil to sooth him until you get the tools needed.i know how to file teeth with a nail filer but that's ONLY if its an emergency...

best bunny wishes!(to keep his eyes in shape feed him shredded carrots)


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