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My rabbit Oz has recently started treatment for E.Cuniculi the vet originally suspected a bad back tooth under examination of her head tilt and unsteadiness on Saturday. She was given an antibiotic and and anti-inflammatory pain killer and due to go in this coming Friday for an operation on her bad tooth. On Sunday we had to call the vet out as she was rolling quite violently when I was trying to administering her medication. The vet gave her a one off steroid injection and also a 28 day course of a worming liquid. She is eating everything but her food pellets (hay, grass, mint, basil etc.), drinking from her bottle, walking around if a bit unsteadily with her head tilted, she is going away from where she is lying to use the toilet however she can't climb into her litter tray so just wees and poos next to it. She seems quite content. However it is the violent rolling that concerns me as she gets very distressed and sometimes seems out of it. These seizures happen mostly when she is under stress (when we have been giving her medication) but have happened randomly also. Although they are not frequent I am worried about taking her to the vets for further examination as this will be a prolonged trip with her being lifted off the ground carried to the vets and back again I know this will definitely cause 2 seizures, one at the vets and one when she comes home. Do you have any advice? Also if she has an infection in her tooth will she be ok to wait for surgery until after the E.Cuniculi has been treated so long as she is still on antibiotics? As I am worried about leaving her at the vets and her getting anesthetic when she is having these seizures. I am grateful for any advice you can offer.

Flopping on her back usually indicates she's one happy rabbit!
Happy bunnies will roll around,it means she feels great or life is good.she enjoys her medication,or it makes her feel better,that's good!if you ever hear her grind her teeth very loudly,that means she's in pain.having her bad tooth removed can help get rid of any future pain.And i highly recommend that to calm her down light some lavender oil.getting rid of the tooth now,is better than when she actually is in pain!

Best bunny wishes!


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