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Rabbits/what grains can a rabbit have?


Hi there ,
I was wondering if a rabbit could have rat-mouse diet blocks instead of pellets or are they entirely different needs?Like I said yesterday, the pellets are what I didnt have on hand when taking in Debbie, but I do have pet mice. Could i put some blocks in until I get pellets?  Also, could I give my rabbit cheerios ( plain or honey nut) or anything from the kitchen other then fruit and veg. I haven't done it, just wondering.

Oh, last night I heard the water bottle being used after I had showed her and moved it closer to the tunnel she's been homing in,so I think she got a drink. I also found custard cups i've decided to use as a water bowl and feeder bowl in the mean time, both are glass so she can't chew on it. And, she ate the cantelope piece and the corn husks I put in last night :) I had corn on the cob on hand because my cats love corn and so it was quite handy, does it matter if its dry or fresh though? she ate it when it was dry but I had put it in fresh .

Rats and mice are rodents,rabbits are completely different from rodents they aren't rodents at all actually!Rabbits belong to their own group called lagomorphs.Therefore they have entirely different needs,mice need a lower fat content and to a rabbit mice pellets are like eating dirt.
So definitely NO mice pellets they contain poison grains to the rabbit and can make her incredibly sick.Not to mention the bacteria rabbits don't need!

Plain cheerios are fine but in very small quantities.
here's a weight chart:
Under 1 pound=2cheerion
2-3 pounds=3-4 cheerios
Anything over 4 pounds 5-10cheerios

Whole wheat toast is fine too but only the crust!
1-2 Popcorn pieces is fine only homemade popcorn though.

Dry corn. is best so she doesn't eat too much corn gluten.
dry corn also gives her something to chew and they really prefer it!

best bunny wishes!


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