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QUESTION: Hi, My bunny is almost 6 and within the last month or so she is not eating her usual small piece of banana  in the morning and she is very picky about the greens she will eat/ Before she ate everything, bunches of hay, chichory, kale, romaine and all kinds of lettuces. Now she won't eat the banana and if she does she has these big patties. I know fruit is to be given in min quant.( she is my third rabbit) but she never had problems with it before. She seems to be making more of these big poop patties, and it use to be on occasion. She is slower than normal but her activity is not bad for a 6 year old bunny. I am wondering if I need to be concerned or if she is just getting older and more picky. She has never had her teeth trimmed, because she eats bunches of hay and I don't think that is a problem because she eats carrots and other hard thing with no problem. wondering if there is a digestive aid I should be giving her as she ages.
thank you!

ANSWER: Hello,

As rabbits age,and if she really needs it giving her a bit of plain yougourt will help as a digestive aid.most rabbits become picky eaters as they age as my first rabbit,princess became older she would literally dig in her food bowl to find what she wanted!
Now romain,iceberg lettuce,and any very white light lettuce is NOT to be given to a bunny!
I hope you know this as now your bunny is having tummy problems!
,buy yougourt drop treats and chop up 1 only.if you can grind it that's even better.then with the powder or finely chopped treat put it into her water and stir.whenever she drinks she'll be encouraged to drink more water and help with tummy aches.

best bunny wishes!

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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick response. She is eating her hay but only in pieces, not the long chewing she used to do. I am still wondering if I should have her teeth looked at. What are the symptoms of teeth that are too long?
Also yesterday she almost drank an entire bottle of water, which is not like her. I did not notice anything wrong in her litter pan other than it was very wet after all that water. She only gets the very green top of the organic romaine and a huge variety of dark green leaves. Is parsley good for the tummy also. she loves it.

thank you again I will try the yogurt. Can I use plain yogurt I eat or would the yogurt drops be the best.

Drinking water or being thirsty is normal.especially if its hot in your home,rabbits will drink lots of water sometimes they do random things and randomly occasionally,a rabbit will drink more then he weighs!if the rabbit is older they will drink much more its needed as they age!
now when you go to the pet store that yougourt is pet formulated so its better then human formulated milk.

And to check for overgrown teeth simply open the mouth if its to long they'll look painful and way to far overlapping!in that case have her chew on untreated wiker baskets and pinecones or even a cardboard box until her teeth are where they shoul be!

Best bunny wishes!


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