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Hi Anastasia,

My rabbit, Ziggy, is a one year old male dutch mix who weighs 7 pounds and shows every sign of being a happy and healthy rabbit. I recently rescued a little girl rabbit who is 4 months old, and had plans to get Ziggy neutered this week so that they would be able to spend time together after she is spayed as well.

Before the surgery, the vet I took him to ordered a full blood panel, and called when they came in because she was concerned about the liver enzymes. Can you look over these numbers and let me know your opinion? The vet told me that the enzymes that were imbalanced could cause problems with the absorption of the anesthesia and increase the risk of blood clots during surgery. She also said that, left untreated, within a few months it was likely Ziggy would begin to exhibit signs of feeling ill, that it would increasingly mess up his digestive system, and that he would eventually stop eating. Everything that I have found online, though, with these numbers individually hasn't mentioned any of that or anything else particularly concerning, so I would love a second opinion.

ALT (SGPT)   45 U/L   (LOW)
AST (SGOT)   16 U/L   (LOW)
GGT   15 U/L   (LOW)
ALBUMIN   4.2 g/dL   (HIGH)

PHOSPHORUS   2.4 mg/dL   (LOW)
POTASSIUM   3.4 mEq/L   (LOW)


All of the other parts of the blood work were within normal ranges, though ALK Phosphatase and globulin were on the lower end of normal. Does anything stand out to you that together or separately from the other numbers should be alarming? Is there really an increased risk for surgery and a likelihood of future illness?

Hope you're well and looking forward to your input,

Caety and Ziggy :)

Nothing out of the ordinary in those numbers.but future illness and blood clots look like a positive unfortunately,so its only fair to go on with a surgery or something that can help his liver.Being that he's in his teen years(bunny years)most rabbits experience this at that age and to prevent the little baby bunny from having it,make sure she eats plenty of fiber.

Sometimes its not the numbers that matter,but his blood overall.the vet is correct on most of her diagnosis,and see what her options are on cureing him.

best bunny wishes!


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