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QUESTION: I have a rabbit that is around 6-7 years old. He is a male bunny that is not fixed. He is super good at going to his cage to go to the bathroom.  Lately he has begun running around my and my girlfriend's feet and peeing on us.  My girlfriend more than me.  I have read many articles that say get him fixed, but I do not want him to lose his spunk and personality.  HELP, I am at the end of my rope.  

Thank you very much


ANSWER: circling your feet indicates that your bunny,wants to mate with your feet.
the only way to stop this is in three way solutions.
1 put white vinegar on your feet.
2 tuck your feet in AKA hide them
3 Buy your bunny a realistic bunny for him so he can't tell the difference and hell circle the bunny instead.
OR do all of the above.

And here's why each one works:
White vinegar bunnies hate,like bunnies don't like pickles.
The vinegar acts like a simple stay away from my feet.
And even when the scent is gone,it still is working.

Tucking your feet in makes it so your bunny can't do the mating dance with them because they disappear!

And buying your bunny a realistic looking bunny will make him think its a real female bunny.
then hell do the mating dance with the stuffed animal rather then your feet.
My rabbit sushi,usually does this to me too.And I've made these cures and now he never touches my.feet!

Best bunny wishes!:)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very very much for the quick reply. I understand every thing that you are saying. However, he will sometimes pee on me even when he is just hanging out and playing around with us on the floor. He loves to have his head rubbed and sometimes while that is happening he just hops and pees even without doing the mating dance or grunting.


For some bunnies its like saying "Your mine!"
or "i love you"

All bunnies are different!
All different attitudes!

Its like role the dice!:)

Have you potty trained him?
It helps tremendously.
i potty trained both my bunnies.
Sushi rarely pees on me now.potty train him to go in a litter box.
it helps.


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