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I have 3 Holland Lop rabbits that I show and I was wondering what the correct diet is to feed a rabbit to get it in good show condition. I currently feed them limited pellets supplemented with veggies and hay. I've talked to other people that show rabbits and they say that they don't feed veggies.

If I don't feed them veggies, should I give them free choice pellets? And what is the reason for not giving show rabbits veggies? Also, I've heard giving them rolled oats is a good supplement. And what is your personal favorite pellet brand?

Any advice on what to feed a show rabbit would be great :)

The myth is,your bunny will have a bad digestive system.its not true that's a lie.
Her daily diet is strictly based on:
Before regular food a hand full of raw oatmeal is given or a half a block of shredded wheat.
then for regular food i give her carnival food and treat in one it includes pellets.
for a snack a raisin or grape is given.for dinner she eats practical veggies such ascurly parsley watermelon corn husk sweet pea with pod mango lettuce Almost all berries except for wild ones cabbage or sometimes a banana or fresh mango piece.

I preferr carnival food and treat in one.
I like Safeway kitchen brand raw oatmeal
and Safeway kitchen brand shredded wheat blocks.
she eats timithoy hay with mango bits and bottled water too.

She's won Lots of rewards for:Healthiest bunny,best coat,and most show coat health awards.

that's her daily diet..
I've included a picture of her in show clothing.
she's bathed weekly,groomed daily and fed that diet ONLy .never anything else.

Best bunny wishes!:)


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