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I have 3 Holland Lop rabbits that I show and I was wondering what the correct diet is to feed a rabbit to get it in good show condition. I currently feed them limited pellets supplemented with veggies and hay. I've talked to other people that show rabbits and they say that they don't feed veggies. If I don't feed them veggies, should I give them free choice pellets? Also, I've heard giving them rolled oats is a good supplement.

Any advice on what to feed a show rabbit would be great :)

Hi Kyle I have shown  quite a lot with reasonable success and all I feed my rabbits is a top class pellet and they have water to drink - very occassionally I give a little hay for them to chew on and maybe a little green once a week
Don't go changing their diet as it may upset them


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I can answer questions about breeding and showing rabbits. I have been breeding Black Rex rabbits for the past 10 years and have won numerous prizes for showing them. Ive also done a fair amount of judging.

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