QUESTION: I have 3 Holland Lop rabbits that I show and I was wondering what the correct diet is to feed a rabbit to get it in good show condition. I currently feed them limited pellets supplemented with veggies and hay. I've talked to other people that show rabbits and they say that they don't feed veggies.

If I don't feed them veggies, should I give them free choice pellets? And what is the reason for not giving show rabbits veggies? Also, I've heard giving them rolled oats is a good supplement. And what is your personal favorite pellet brand?

Any advice on what to feed a show rabbit would be great :)

ANSWER: You need to feed a good quality feed that is as close to 18% protein as you can get. Veggies are a treat, and should only be given occasionally. Rolled oats are a good supplement, as well as black oil sunflower seeds. Also a few flakes of "Uncle Sam Ceral" is good as a supplement. We call it rabbit crack because they go wild for it. LOL  
We do sometimes take some cut up apples to shows as a treat while they are traveling.
We do not free feed our rabbits; they get a very controlled amount of pellets to keep them at optimal show weight and condition. I do not know what the proper serving size for a Holland would be, but the best thing to do is find another Holland breeder to ask. Hay is good for rabbits, as long as it is fresh and clean.
I do not know what feed choices there are in your area, but if you would let me know where you are from and give me an e-mail address, I would be happy to check on feed, and even find a reputable Holland breeder near to you that could help you with the breed specific questions. :)
Every breeder has different "tricks" or ideas for supplements; the main thing is to find what works best for YOUR rabbits. As long as they are in prime show condition, then you have hit on what works.
I look forward to hearing back from you, and best of luck to you in the show world! This is a great hobby that my whole family enjoys.
If you have not joined the ARBA, I encourage you to do so. I am currently one of the Ky State reps for ARBA district 8, the treasurer for The Ky State Rabbit Breeders, and a 4-H volunteer. The ARBA and your local clubs are great resources for anything you need.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply! You answered my questions very well :) I live in Elbow Lake, MN. My email address is . I have talked to a few breeders and most have suggested the Pen Pals rabbit pellets. I don't think there is a dealer in my area but I can order them online.

This darn site wouldn't show me your email addy. Mine is on our facebook page for Bec's Bunnies. You could always contact me that way. PenPals is very good feed; we don't have a dealer anywhere close to us, and we use too much to order online.
There are quite a few breeders in MN. Good luck to you!


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The photo is of my daughter with her Best of Breed winner at our State Fair. Your questions are being answered by an adult! LOL I can help with questions on breeding and showing rabbits. I DO NOT condone breeding for the sake of breeding. We only breed for specific shows and to improve the breed. I am not a vet, but may be able to help a new person who is getting started and needs some advice. I will refer you to a vet for anything I am not sure of. We raise and show Mini-lop Rabbits. We have raised Grand Champion Rabbits, and we have dealt with problems arising from breeding and having rabbits in general. Whether you want to show, or just have a rabbit as a pet, make sure you have the time to spend with them, the money needed to care for them, and adequate housing for them.


My family and I raise and show Mini-Lop rabbits. We have raised several Grand Champions, and have won numerous Best of Breed and other awards. We have had many carefully planned litters over the years, and also dealt with problems that arise from having rabbits in general. Becca also has won Best in Show.

We are members of the ARBA, and an ARBA registered rabbitry. Also are members of the Mini-lop Rabbit Club of America, and several local clubs.

I have no "formal" training, but just rely on the experience I have gained as a successful breeder and shower.

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Our daughter won Best of Breed at the State Fair, and has numerous other Best of Breed wins. Our rabbits are all loved, healthy, and sweet. Also have Best in Show wins to add to her credit now.

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