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My daughter was given a Flemish Giant for, without my knowledge until it was at our home, and was only told the little lady is a year old. Yesterday we realized she was pregnant as she built her nest and was pulling hair. Sometime overnight she had the kits and my daughter found them this morning. The momma made her nest but the kits were scattered and very cold. My daughter gathered all 11 of them and brought them to me early this morning and we tried for 45 minutes to warm and revive them. They all passed. Momma has since began pulling hair again and is re-nesting. Since I do t know the people she came from or how long she was with the buck(s) I cannot answer anything regarding before she came to us two weeks ago. I know that does have two uterine horns and can carry two full litters but I do not know whether there is any chance she may still kindle another litter. Should I be watching her and the nest box extra closely today/tonight in case she does? She has seemed rather agitated since yesterday morning. Normally she is extremely friendly and hops onto our laps for lives but since yesterday morning she avoids us and hides in a corner. We have given her space and kept things quiet but I need to know whether to expect a second litter.

There's no chance of her being pregnant,practically she's proably not pregnant but watch her incase she is,its a slim chance though.

All the kits died because you touched them,NEVER touch the kits unless you have gloves on.
if the kits were scattered then you should have lightly pushed them all together in their nest and maybe took some hair from the bunny.

To check for pregnancy do the following:
1.lightly lift her out her cage/hutch and avoid pressure on the abdomen.
2.lay her on her back.(make sure she's comfy.
3.take your thumbs and lightly pinch or feel around for soft pea size balls.those are babies!
4.if she's pregnant move her somewhere quiet like your bedroom.
5.DO NOT touch the kits unless they moved from thr nest.


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