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Hi Dr., our lovely golden retriever just brought me a bunny that has a sore on his neck.  (not sure if he bit it, but the skin is tore), and it appears that nothing apparent else is hurt, but not sure.  He looks to be very newborn and is moving pretty well, looking for moms milk.  I am having our son buy kitten milk and I read only feed two times a day, but less is Okay too.  Over feeding kills them?  Please advise what to do?  Thank you

Dear Tracy,

Please see:

As my instructions indicate, an emergency like this is not the best time to seek help on the internet.  A baby like this should be brought to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator immediately, as you will have a very low chance of getting him to survive.  The baby must be kept very warm, with an artificial nest of dry grass and soft cotton wadding.  Nest temperature should be about 98 - 100 Farenheit, and you must monitor it with a thermometer to be sure it does not get too warm or too cool.  Temperature regulation is probably *the* most critical thing for a baby like this.

That this is a dog wound is only a little better than a cat wound.  If it was a cat, then you could pretty much start digging the grave unless you could immediately get him on injectable antibiotics from a good rabbit vet (dual-acting Penicillin G Procaine and/or ciprofloxacin).  The other problem is contamination with E. coli bacteria from our skin, which can be very deadly to a baby like this.  

If the baby is still alive, please write to me at for more instructions. But the best bet would be to get him to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in your area without delay:

Good luck,



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