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Hello, I recently bought a 3 month old dwarf bunny. I'm trying to potty train him but I'm having multiple problems. First whenever I put him on my bed he expels poop that looks like seed or pills, he even peed on my bed board. I'm letting him out of his cage so he can run around my room and he is not peeing or pooping.. But why does he does it in my bed and what can I do to stop it. Also I'm feeding him some pellets that the previous owner gave me I don't know the brand, and I bought him some oat hay. I am free feeding him, but I don't know if I should do this, I don't want him to be over feed or hungry....  Please help me with this problem.. I will really appreciate it

All bunnies,when they see something of yours they pee or poo.really its just natural,but white vineagar can help!

About feeding,wild harvest is best food+pellet bunny food I've ever had and its super healthy.
free feeding=confused bunny.feed bunny food in the morning and a veggie or fruit at night.timithoy hay is healthier and oat hay,bunnies have a higher risk of gi stasis.

best bunny wishes!


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