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is feeding lactating mothers and weaned babies calf manna bad for them?  I feed just a few sprinkles of calf manna to lactating mammas and to my weaned babies twice a day.  Am I causing problems to my rabbits?

Hi Pat
I'd not heard of this feed and looked it up. As long as its the rabbit specific pellet feed it should be fine. Make sure you're providing endless hay as getting babies into the hay eating habit helps prevent so many problems in later life.

The Manna feed will encourage weight gain in adults so feed sparingly to avoid fat adult bunnies!! The sprinkling sounds fine.

I don't think this is as feed you get regularly in the UK as I'd never heard of it. At the rescue we feed nursing mums junior Science Selective pellets (as well as hay of course) and they do fine on that until kits are weaned and the mums are slowly switched back onto regular adult pellets instead.

Hope that's helped!!


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