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Hello, our dog brought it and its nest into our garage 3 weeks ago. It didn't have it's eyes open yet. They opened 4 days after. I started it on kmr 3 parts, heavy whipping  cream 1 part, water 3 parts. I have been syringe feeding every 3 to 4 hours. It has been doing great. I started putting Timothy hay in his pen and a dish of water at the beginning of this week . He loved the hay and was starting to drink the water. He ate great yesterday. This morning he had very soft mushy stool. Has been off feed today. I did switch pedialite for the water today. He has not taken much. I am worried about pneumonia. We have had he air cond on this week and wondering if that could be the cause. I did get about 1 1/2 cc of pedialite in him around noon. My husband is a large animal vet so he started him on liquid clavamox tonight. I was able to get him to take 2 cc of formula tonight. I have a heating pad under half of his pen. He is still alert but not as active. He seem to be breathing faster. Also I have read to not give them fresh greens because he has not had cecotropes for good digestion. Do you know anything about this? Thank you.  Sandy

Hi Sandy:

I just reactivated my volunteer account after a 2 plus year break due to severe medical issues.

As soon as my account was re-established, I immediately checked the 'open question pool' and found your question along with many others.

I'll explain the 'question pool':

When you (anyone) submits a question, you choose a specific expert to assign your question to from the list of experts in that category.  No other expert can view your question; it is emailed to the expert you chose at the time.

If the expert you chose is unable or unwilling to answer the question, he/she has an option to "send to question pool" which is an area that can be accessed by any expert in the category, so your question can be answered by a different expert.

The expert your question was originally assigned to declined to answer your question and sent it to the open pool and apparently no other expert chose to answer it.

The 'open question pool' is the first place I went upon reactivating my account and there was a large number of questions there.  I answered them all, however, some - such as yours, were quite old.

I realize your wild bunny passed away shortly after you posted your question, but you should take comfort knowing you did the best you could for him based on the resources you had at the time.

If you have any other rabbit related questions, please let me know. I generally respond within an hour.

Lisa L.


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