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Hello there. I recently got a rabbit I named her Hop. Anyways she recently got her hand hurt. When I had her she was fine she could run and everything. All of a sudden I noticed she wasn't as active and she didn't want to leave her cage ( which she always wanted to leave ). Now all she does is sit around and only gets up for food and water. Anyways I saw her left foot she always has it back and doesn't walk on it. I want to know if her injury requires a VET visit or will she just recuperate after a few days. Be aware it does appear one hand is smaller than the other. She was normal roughly 5 days ago I got her.

Hi Andrew:

I could help a lot more if you sent me photos of the injured foot.  It's impossible for me to give advice on an injury I haven't seen.

She may need a vet, or she may not - it all depends on what type of injury she has and how severe it is.  If she's not walking on it, it's likely serious.

If it turns out a vet is needed, please do research before taking her.  Standard vets have NO medical training on treating rabbits and most are unskilled to do so.  Rabbits are considered "Exotic animals" in veterinary school so only those seeking to be 'exotic animal vets' receive rabbit health training.  

She would need to go to an exotic animal vet OR to a vet who has a lot of experience with rabbits.  Some standard vets do take extra courses to include rabbit health and will see rabbits.  You need to be sure your vet has had lots of rabbits in his practice.

Please send me photos of her foot & leg from various angles.  Also, can you bend/stretch her foot and leg.  It is frozen in an unnatural position, or can it move?  Palpate it - do you feel any unnatural protrusions or bones out of place?  Check each toe and each nail - are any of her nails grown into her foot pad?  Do you see ANYTHING unnatural?

Please follow up with photos and answers to my questions and I'll try to help you further.

Lisa L.


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