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my friend and i bought two baby male lop rabbits from a breeder. We placed them together in a large area, enclosed with chicken wire, including a hutch and straw, food, water, salt licker, everything they need. We bring them inside in the afternoon for cuddles and they seemed to enjoy being held and patted. We have only had them for 5 nights and the are 7weeks old.

Yesterday when we went out to get them they both had cuts on them and were very still and tired, My rabbit (Otis) had a swollen eye and could not open it. We put them together and they cuddled and slept for a couple of hours. They seemed to be doing much better so i took turns patting and holding them. They didn't seem to be in pain and the cuts were only small. Otis had opened his eye now and it didn't seem to be causing any problems.

We are unsure how they got these cuts. we cant imagine they would fight as they choose to lay together and play together. We have checked the hutch and there is no sign of entrance from any animal (Chicken wire goes deep into the ground#

we kept them together in my room last night as it was stormy weather, i checked on them 4 times in the night and they were okay. This morning when i woke up Otis had passed away :# i also noticed he had drunk alot of water the night before.

The other rabbit is having trouble breathing now and makes little wheezing noises each time he breaths.

Do you have any possible answer as to if they could have fought each other? Why Otis passed away and maybe what could possibly be wrong with the other rabbit. Do you think its all related?

Any information would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you for you time

Hi Jamie,

At only 8 weeks old I doubt they were fighting but it can happen.  The respiratory problem is an immediate emergency as rabbits are obligate nose breathers and if their noses are clogged they can't breath.  Without a necropsy it is impossible to tell what happened to Otis. If you got them at 7 weeks old there is a very big probability that they had intestinal problems.  Bunnies need their mothers milk until they are 8 weeks.  Their mothers milk is what helps them to develop the necessary antibodies for a healthy immune system.

Your surviving bunny needs to see a rabbit savvy vet right away.  If you do not already have one you can look here:


I wish I had more answers for you.

Good luck



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