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My rabbit has been acting kind of weird lately. He's usually very energetic but yesterday he laid in one spot sleeping. I occasionally check his tummy to make sure it wasn't hard and today his tummy is kind of hard. He's been sleeping all day and hasn't been moving around too much. He has clear discharge from his nose and he's been sneezing a little but i don't know if that has to do with anything. Also, i couple of days ago he got into a little chocolate. They said to give him lots of hay and water so thats what i did and he was fine.Could this be causing it?

Hello Modesty:

I'm sorry to hear that Thumper is acting under the weather.

Your concern is a valid one because chocolate is toxic to rabbits and can lead to death.

It causes GI stasis and once that happens, the rabbit is in serious condition.

You said "They" said to give him lots of hay and water - but who is "they"? Has he been to a rabbit experienced vet?

Given that he's lying around and his stomach is hard, chances are he's in GI stasis and my suggestion is to get him to a vet with rabbit experience ASAP.  Most standard vets have little to no rabbit training so he needs to go to an exotic animal vet or a vet with rabbit experience.

If you are unable to take him to a vet, please e-mail me back quickly so I can give you some home remedies to implement immediately that might save his life.  I don't want to offer those suggestions first, as a trip to the vet is really needed after a toxic substance is eaten.

Please keep me updated.

Lisa L.


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