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HI, today when I came back from grocery shopping, I noticed that there was a little cottontail rabbit with a white marked blaze forehead and I was trying to gently nudged it out to the grass by the garage. However it didn't budge much  and was running in tiny circles until I figured that there must be something wrong with the right part of the body. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the rabbit's right eyed is not clear and fully opened, but in I'm wondering did it injured itself or is it born blind in the right eye and is using the other eye to navigate the surroundings?! Your help would be appreciated ! Thanks!

Hello Grace

The poor little bub!

If you're able to get close enough to nudge even a young wild rabbit, there's going to be something more than just the eye going on with it. Exactly what has happened is tricky to say, unlikely a birth deformity as it would not have made it this far, more likely its been caught by something or it has an infection or virus of some kind.

If its still there, probably the kindest thing to do is scoop it up and take it in to your nearest vets and have it put to sleep. Wild rabbits do not do well being rehabbed unless they are very young (and even then its 50/50) and this poor little guy sadly sounds fairly far gone. If its just sitting around like that, its not going to be long before a cat or dog comes along and does the deed sadly.

Good luck!


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