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I just brought home a 4 month old hotot male rabbit.  I already have a 4 year old female dwarf and a 6 year old male dwarf rabbit, both are fixed.  I know its too early to neuter the 4 mo old but I am concerned about him bonding with the other two in the future.  The male and female are like little lovers and snuggle with each other when out of their cages.  The female has shown some aggresiveness towards the baby already, as she tried to nip at him throught the cage bars.  The male is mellow and just sniffs at him.  Could you offer any advice as to how and when I should try to bond the baby to them?  Should I wait until after he gets neutered or is there a chance I could start within the next few days?  I don't want my other 2 to feel threatened by the baby.

hi -it will not be easy to get them to bond as your doe thinks the new one is trying to take over .
put them together each day for 30 mins but stay with them as the older doe may try and fight it.
it will take time but in the end they should bond


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