Hi Dave. I recently caught two baby bunnies, i can't tell you exactly how old they are. But I have no clue what they eat. Or drink. Or if I should release them. I caught two that were nesters together and the third got away. I got them from my boyfriend house and he has two dobermans which love to kill bunnies. I've had them for two days now. I have then in a guinea pig cage with a house, warm towels, some water in a little bowl  and in the bottle that's hung up and used somewhat like a Serenge and a bowl with clovers and grass. One is very calm and has continues to bury itself on the towels and the other does to but it's smaller than the other and is very scared. I'm try to hold them so they won't be afraid but I'm completely clueless as far as what to do with them. If you could please help?

hi Ashley in truth they should be put back where you found them as the mother will be looking for them.
if you keep them they need  good hutch to walk about in and first mash some bread in milk and see if they eat it .
go to the pet store and buy some rabbit food and see how they get on , not knowing the age will depend on what they eat. also try  dandelion leaves.
it will be hard bringing up wild rabbits as they are not use to humans.


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