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Thank you for the opportunity of asking a question. I have an unspayed female bunny who is happy and lives with a chook, a cat and two dogs. Bunny goes into the hutch at night but during the day has the run of. Large garden. Another female bunny also unspayed needs a home.....any tips for introducing ...I have read something's about keeping separate but close for a few days and staging their time together at bunny has had kittens that were all rehomed and a few months back her mate was killed. The new bunny has some issues having previously been raised inside a house and is now banished to a garden and being destructive.....I work 5 days but plan to ge bunny fri nite next week and have th weekend to settle and

hi lang keep a good eye on them when introducing as they may  fight, but because you have other animals about it might go ok . but one thing you must keep them separated at night as this will also cause fighting as your rabbit will think the new one is trying to take over his space.


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