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I got my two mini rex rabbits spayed today (each 1 year old) One is displaying normal symptoms post surgery, drowsiness, etc. The other seems to be paralyzed in her left leg. She can't walk properly and falls over every time she puts weight on it. I haven't seen her move it since she's been home (home for about 7 hours so far) I'm terribly worried and don't know what to do.

Hi Sara:

This is a medical emergency and needs to be addressed immediately by the vet that spayed your rabbit.

The things things that come to mind are

1) the affects of the anesthesia is taking longer to wear off
2) the bunny is very sore (understandably so) and isn't putting weight on her rear leg because it hurts
3) something went wrong during surgery and a muscle or nerve was injured.

Whatever it is, it happened during surgery so only the vet can diagnose and treat the condition.  Post surgical trauma is not something that can be addressed via the internet.

If you cant get her to the vet tonight - keep her fed and well hydrated until tomorrow and call the office first thing.

I wish you the best of luck with her recovery.

Lisa L.


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