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Rabbits/Visited my vet several times and can't cure my rabbit!


QUESTION: I have had my rabbit for 12 years and he has been in good health the whole time, then all of a sudden about a month ago I woke up one morning and his head was tilted severely. I put some old ear drops from my dog in his ear because his ear on the side where his head was tilted was very gunky. I did that for about 4 days and nothing got better. Then he stopped eating and drinking so I figured it was time to find him a vet. He had never been to a vet before and it took some research to find a vet that knew how to treat bunnies but I found one. I have visited there 4 times in 3 weeks since and have been prescribed ear drops for the 1st week. Nothing happened and he got worse. The I went back and left with penicillin shots and critical care as well as meclizine and cisapride. He is still not better. He is eating on his own and drinking but his head is tilted severely still and he has such a hard time moving. Is there anything else I can try or do? I don't have any more money to spend to visit the vet's again. I am miserable watching him try and move around. He was so healthy just a month ago. What can I do?

ANSWER: Hi Chelsey

Sorry to hear about your bunny.

Did the vets diagnose any specific problem? Did they check his ears for abscesses? Did they test him for the EC parasite?

With no sign of improvement and all those medications I'm afraid I would personally get a second opinion from another vet. There are a number of issues that can trigger wry neck, is his ear still gunky?

Sadly there's no one treatment I can recommend, especially at home, as there are so many triggers for wry neck. I would be concerned about the EC parasite.

Sorry I couldn't help more!

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QUESTION: The vet said he had an ear infection because she saw a lot of pus inside his ear. His ear is still gunky and his eye is completely shut on that side as well so it has to hurt still. They did not test him for anything else. With an EC Parasite could he have a gunky ear as well?

Yikes sorry I missed your follow up! Hope your bun is doing better.

The bun should definitely have been tested for EC and I would be looking at x-rays to see if there is an abscess going on in his head. It could be ear, eye or dental as those bits are all linked in little bunny heads.


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