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Hi Dave, me and my wife have been breeding rabbits for about 3 years now. We are currently getting into trying to show rabbits and have some very good quality animals we have worked hard to get. The broken Mini Rex is my favorite variety and I have been working on them for a while but I still cannot seem to get it right. I have read tons of articles and I cannot really find what I am looking for. Most of my rabbits have broken in their line somewhere, they seem to not throw as much pattern as I want though. Ive been trying very hard to get good showable patterns but they are rare. My plan is, through things I have learned and read, I want to get a solid black female with no broken in her background and breed her to a black charlie to try and get a booted(black) and then re-breed the booted black which now has broken in its background with the charlie to hopefully get well colored, well marked broken black kits. What is your advice on adding more color to the coat since they already have nice type and fur.

Hi josh the only advise I can give is to buy a doe and a buck which both have excellent records.
This way you should get better coat and colour but  it is in the lap of the gods what they produce and a good pair may be above your budget.
Good luck in your attempts


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I can answer questions about breeding and showing rabbits. I have been breeding Black Rex rabbits for the past 10 years and have won numerous prizes for showing them. Ive also done a fair amount of judging.

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